During the year we organize some events around Germany and Europe. The most popular event in the World is for sure the Munich Oktoberfest. As a matter of course it's our duty to bring a little Oktoberfest every year to Niceville. Take a look at Google Pictures of the Oktoberfest in Munich. 

Sure, the Oktoberfest at The Schnitzel Lodge is not exactly like in Munich. The reason could be, because 6.3 million visitors would be to much for Bluewater Bay and Niceville. And we have no idea now to storage 3.6 million liter (118,300,000 oz) beer. 

But we have also delicious german beer, original The Schnitzel Lodge homemade Brats, Currywurst, Leberkäse and tender pork roast. 

A nice big tent is important for everybody who loves the Oktoberfest atmosphere.