Andrea & Dirk
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Andrea and Dirk moved in 2014 to Niceville, FL and opened The Schnitzel Lodge. Now, 6 years later, a new project is launched: Bosner's German Imbiss & Deli.

A second location offering hot dishes for take out in combination with a Deli store selling homemade and imported German products.

Andrea Bosner, co-founder of The Schnitzel Lodge: "We came from Europe to Niceville and we were welcomed here very warmly. We are having the best time of our life since then. We love the area and our guests, they are just wonderful."

The existing Restaurant is beautiful and cozy, but space is very limited, which makes implementing new ideas and expansions impossible.

For quite some time now the owners have been looking for a solution to open a German Imbiss and Deli which is not possible at the current location.
In Valparaiso they finally found the perfect spot (please don't ask where exactly, we will let you know soon).

German Sausage

Dirk Bosner: "The majority of our guests are locals and their support is awesome. That's why we want to keep our new project also local so that we can give something back to the community."

For the remodeling of the new location the owners try like to hire just local companies if possible.