Das Boot

Drinking from a beer boot is not so easy. The difficulty is the boots’ toe-and-heel design: if the toe is pointing towards the ceiling, the beer will flow faster; this usually spills all over the drinker.

Most boot drinkers tend to turn the toe up, but beware.

The best way to drink out of a beer boot is to hold it at an angle with the toe pointing downward. This allows for an easy transfer of pressure equalization and the boot can be easily emptied without spilling.


Beer Boot Rules

All participants have to stand and are only allowed to sit down when the game is over.

The boot may not touch the table until it is empty.

You must not, at any time, spill, splash or drip beer from the boot.

Failure to comply with these rules may automatically result in your being required to pay for the next round of drinks.

Boot Circle

Goal of the game

Finish the boot yourself or leave the next player with a challenging or impossible amount of beer to drink.

The next-to-last drinker is the loser and is required to wear the "Shawl of Shame" for the rest of the night..

In the  boot game the person who empties the beer boot is the winner. The first player begins drinking from the boot, and may pass it to his left or right at any time. When the next player receives the boot, he begins drinking and repeats the process.

You can play the 1 liter boot with min. 2 ppl, 2 liter min. 3 ppl, 3 liter with min 5. ppl, and the 5 liter with min. 7 ppl.

Have fun and drink responsibly!!!