Dear Guests and Friends,
For many months we have been struggling with problems that we cannot get under control. We cannot find competent employees who are also responsible. For months we have only been busy training new employees who either no longer come to work, are unable to integrate into a team or are simply unable to cope with their lives. We have been here in Niceville, Fl for 7 years and we have never seen anything like that. (Please save yourself unnecessary comments that we would have to pay better to get workers. This is an information for everyone who is interested, and not a discussion.)
We, Dirk and Andrea, have a small, very loyal team behind us, and we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. They made sure that we are not just a team but also a wonderful family.
We and our team are tired and frustrated and we made a difficult decision together: For now and until further notice we will be offering "PickUp only" for our appreciated customers. Food and drinks can be ordered at the counter and you can decide whether you want to take the order home with you or eat in the guest room or in the beer garden (no service at the table).
From next week on we will be also offering lunch (ToGo) again (no, no buffet !!!).
This decision had to be made to adapt to the workers situation, but it also gives us the opportunity to work on finishing our new location in Valparaiso (Bosner's German Imbiss & Deli), to open there in about 3 weeks. https://www.facebook.com/Bosners
We know that you are not happy with our decision (neither are we), but we see no other option at the moment.
We really hope that you understand our decision and that you will continue to support us also in the future as much as you did since the pandemic started. It is very important to us that we satisfy our guests, but it is just as important to us that we and our team are satisfied.
!!! (We will not accept any job applications until further notice.) !!!
Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you really soon at The Schnitzel Lodge and/or at Bosner's German Imbiss & Deli.
Dirk & Andrea Bosner and the Team