Do you know that? You sit in a restaurant or bar with friends and someone orders wine and then makes a huge circus before finally taking a sip.
Maybe you drink wine every now and then, but can't understand why they make such a big fuss about it, it is just a drink. Then you should try our basic wine course. You will see wine with different eyes after this evening. You learn how to drink wine. You learn what you pay attention to and how you start to enjoy wine.

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6pm we organize a wine education course (reservation required).

If you are interested in the basic course let us know, and we will instruct you the basics one hour before the course.

Learn how to drink wine

Every Tuesday is our Wine-Day at "The Schnitzel Lodge".

meat platterEvery month we select four different wines on different topics, which you can always order and compare on Tuesdays. We also offer a German cold cuts meat board, a variation cheese board or Elsässer Flammkuchen alongside our normal menu.

Together with friends, you can sit comfortably with us every Tuesday and try new wines together. You may find your new favorite wine.

We compile information about these wines so you can easily find out about our selection and educate yourself. You learn everything about their origin and their characteristics so that you can get a good picture.

The number of seats is limited

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